Too Much Ado about Nothing or Too Much To Do About Something

By Sandy Dale
   Here it is September again. Did you get everything done you wanted to do this summer? Of, course not. I didn’t. Now, the kids are back in school. Most of them have forgotten how much they (said they) hated school and are really glad to be back…mask or no mask, new rules and all. I looked up my little column from September last year. It was about “being here now.” Still good advice. But the NOW seems to be incredibly busy now. Many things to do. Everyone trying to make up for the year, or so, that they “missed.” Perhaps we need to step back a few paces and look at all that stuff we are trying to do. Maybe look at the stuff we actually did do during our “year off.” Just because we can go somewhere and do something, should we? It might be time to examine how enjoyable and inspiring an event is rather than trying to do everything that we can. It might be time to try new places to go and new places to eat. This all brings me to mentioning Florence and upcoming events…
   How about a great small town parade? At 10 o’clock on Saturday, September 18 and afterward a celebration of Florence’s pioneers with grub, goodies, games, vendors and music in our Pioneer Park or a visit to the Pioneer Museum, or to the Florence Brewing Company Brew Ha Ha across the street. Or, of course, a stroll down Main Street visiting the many restaurants and antique stores.
   Because it is always good to plan ahead, mark your calendars for Junktique Antique and Flea Market another of my favorite Florence events. Two days of antique shopping, October 2 and 3. Main Street (plus a few side streets to catch the overflow of vendors) is closed down and booths are set up down the middle of the street. The local vendors also put up booths with amazing “deals” on their items. If you are a collector or an admirer of “old stuff” or a dealer, this event should not be missed.
   The next weekend, Oct. 9 and 10, is the Steampunk Festival. If you haven’t attended this or don’t know what it is, I recommend googling the word “steampunk” and art, costume, and history. It would take way too long to describe it here. There are, of course, vendors, food, and live music.
   Starting October 11 and continuing through October 16 is Paint The Town, another of my personal favorites sponsored by the Florence Art Council and The Bell Tower Cultural Center. Plein Air artists from all over the state, gather to paint outdoors. They can choose from several locations during the week, but on Friday they must paint in our historic Victorian town…you can come and watch them. Then you can see (and purchase) their work at the Bell Tower on Saturday evening at the reception. (Have dinner afterwards at one of our great restaurants or fun food trucks.)
   Come find out how a small town does FUN. For information on Florence and/or these events check out

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