Tis the Season of the Witch

By Sandy Dale
   Here it is again – my favorite month – though it is nothing like all the last Octobers I can remember. It is difficult to plan for a “pandemic” holiday. Will I or won’t I get to suit up in my favorite pointy shoes and pointy hat and terrify small children with my famous screaming cackle? Will there be any small children out there to terrify? I think I won’t dwell on the uncertainty. Instead, I will focus on why I love October in general and particularly October in Florence.
   I have always had an affinity for witches. It may be a past life thing, but I suspect it has more to do with their reputation as mouthy old feminists who wear great black outfits, perform magic, and cast powerful spells. At this time in my life and at this time in our world, this seems very appealing. We could all use a little magic, we would like to say out loud exactly what we are thinking and maybe dress up in that fancy black dress we’ve been saving for a special occasion. I have to admit I have been designing a particularly creepy mask for my favorite holiday.
   From October 12 to 17, one can enjoy Florence Art Council’s Paint the Town extravaganza. It is a week-long “plein air” painting event wherein artists from all over the state come paint our wonderful little town and the surrounding landscape. The event will be altered somewhat this year, of course, but, will nonetheless occur. For more information on this, to participate or to patronize, you may contact the Bell Tower Cultural Center at 719-784-2038.
   Also, since Florence was unable to present the popular Junktique event in September, Second Saturdays Sidewalk Sales (say that three times fast) have become the rage. Most of the downtown merchants have great bargains on the sidewalk in front of their shops, there is live music, and sometimes even snacks. Mark your calendars: October 10.
   You can find the spirit of the season in Florence – maybe even some witches and real spirits in our lovely old haunted buildings. Please come visit, wear your mask, and social distance (and don’t come if you are sick) – all small sacrifices to make for a lovely October day in our beautiful little town.

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