Royal Contemporary features Colorado artist Clark Richert

blue120 East Main Street, Florence
The Geometry of Viewing June 4 through July 24
Please join us for a reception for the artist on  Saturday, June 11 from 5 to 8 pm


Often referred to as the most important painter in Colorado, Clark Richert speculates about the nature of reality through his large paintings and digital prints. He is inspired by five-fold symmetry and non-repeating tessellations as he continues to search further for new patterns.


The exhibit “The Geometry of Viewing” features both paintings and digital prints inspired by how the point of view determines what we see and how we see it. On the philosophical level, how we interpret and how we assign meaning are contingent upon our belief systems and cultural perspectives. While we tend to consider reality from our personal point of view, we understand that there is more than one valid way of seeing things. This is also true on the formal, geometric level. The angle of viewing dictates the shapes we see. Viewing a square from an oblique angle produces the shape of a rhombus, as a rhombus viewed from an angle can be seen as a square. It depends on point of view. The works in The Geometry of Viewing attempt to “slant in” on an aspect of reality from a geometric perspective, and to metaphorically address larger issues of perception.


For more information about Royal Contemporary’s Geometry of Viewing, call 303-917-1977 or go to

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