‘Old Crows Gets in Your Bones’ – Dealers Thriving at Old Crows Antique Mall

By Jon DeStefano
   The time has finally come for Old Crows Antique Mall to celebrate their Grand Opening. It hasn’t been easy. They faced the typical challenges of starting a new business, of transforming a 40,000 square foot empty space into a place customers and dealers would feel comfortable, and a place that gave 200+ dealers a space that was attractive and distinct. They also had to construct the inside and then meet the needs of the numerous inspectors to comply with all the county and state building codes and requirements.
   Then they had to get their dealers. Sounds like a lot and it was.
   By early March they were ready to open and sure enough in mid-March the COVID-19 pandemic hit. They were shut down until May. The journey that began almost a year ago when brothers Tim and Joe Crawford undertook a great challenge and decided to open a very special antique mall in a shopping center in Littleton, Colorado at the Southwest corner of Bowles and Kipling was now finally underway. The time was not wasted. They had transformed the space into a purposeful and efficient antique mall.
   However, Tim and Joe Crawford wanted much more than that. Joe said, “Our goal was to create an antique and vintage wonderland where the variety of items is continuously being rotated and changed. A place where you can browse in comfort, enjoy a large and diverse selection, and enjoy a bottle of root beer, a fresh cup of coffee, or a snack while you take a break from your journey through time.”
   “Our greatest success has been our dealers,” Joseph continued, “They are outstanding. We have been selective about the dealers who have joined us. They are great people, very involved. Together we have really created something special here for our customers. The entire place is a welcoming environment. We are all having fun doing this together. We’re more like a family.”
   Old Crows’ dealers are very excited about this new and fascinating antique mall and they should as they have indicated their businesses are really thriving here. Customers are equally excited.
   Here are comments from several of the dealers and shoppers:
   “After forty years of owning my antiques shops, I’m thoroughly delighted to become a part of Denver’s newest and most exciting collection of dealers at Old Crows Antique Mall, in Littleton Colorado. The mall is amazing, the owner, management and staff are excited to serve, and our customers are thrilled with the quality and selection of styles represented. “I’m proud to have my new boutique shop in the mall, and to invite my longtime customers to peruse all the beautiful items in this delightful 40,000 square ft. mall. It’s a fresh, pristine building, with a plethora of parking, and something for everyone…. including special weekend events, and their famous Root Beer Bar!!” —Joy Phelps
   “The staff and management at Old Crows Antique mall are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Also, the newly-renovated building has been created into a modern, clean, and accessible antique mall. Filled with a variety of items from several dealers, it offers the customer a great shopping experience.” —Lois Claggett    “Rare finds, fun events and frosty root beer floats; I’m proud to be one of the original Crows.” —Justin Dartt    “One of the best things about being a dealer at Old Crows is the family friendly atmosphere. With the variety of ages and personalities it’s always fun to watch the reaction of people to things that trigger fond memories or offer a learning experience. When a grandfather was showing an old payphone to his granddaughter, she was fascinated with the old technology and couldn’t imagine standing in one spot while having a conversation. She studied the phone for several minutes and fell in love with it. I thought how wonderful it would be to sell all my cleverness and buy some bewilderment. Bring the kids — You’ll find lots of great things to provide an opportunity for a meaningful conversation.” —John Howe
   “Treasure hunting at Old Crows Antiques led me to shopping for my place as a vendor. The staff is truly remarkable. Old Crows is a special place for fun finds!” —Lori Counterman
   “At Old Crows we like that you can find items from days gone by that were made well and are still usable today! Also, the craftsmanship on repurposed pieces add a touch of charm to your modern home.” —Kelly Payton
   “I love Old Crows Antiques! It’s a great place to shop for unusual items. From the minute you walk through the doors you are greeted with smiling, friendly faces. The spaces are filled with amazing one-of-a-kind treasures and beautifully displayed throughout. It’s an easy and relaxing atmosphere to spend an hour (or two or three!). My new FAV!” —Linda Faller
   “…From the moment I walked in, multiple engaging elements at Old Crows Antique Mall captured my senses. Most immediately, the expansiveness (over 40,000 square feet). I could see a wonderful display of a broad range of antiques, collectibles, and upscaled repurposed items. I knew that my shopping experience may take me more than a day. I was enthusiastically greeted as I entered by a helpful staff member who offered to direct me to any particular area of interest. Suffice it to say, I didn’t want to miss a thing. My shopping experience rewarded me with a plethora of quality items at a great price. I have always felt that a quintessential day looking for my particular antique furniture pieces, accessories and collectables can only be met through a great selection and those fabulous prices. Old Crows Antique Mall did not disappoint.” —Ken Jones
   Old Crows Antique Mall has over 40,000 square feet of display space featuring a variety of merchandise including antiques, primitives, vintage, collectibles, mid-mod, upcycled, repurposed, rustic, farmhouse, and more. Old Crows Antiques features over 600 individual booths and cases. They are at 80% capacity.
   THE ROOT BEER BAR at Old Crows features a large selection of premium bottled root beers, beverages, pre-packaged snacks, hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, and candies. They also have soft-serve ice cream in vanilla and root beer flavors. Come enjoy a root beer float!
   Focused on antiques, vintage, collectibles, mid-mod, farmhouse, upcycled and repurposed items, you’ll find a large volume and variety to browse as you walk down memory lane and into a time gone by.
   “0ld Crows gets in your bones,” says Lindsay with Schitt to Shine, “every aisle is filled with memories…even ones you forgot about but with a simple glance brings back every best part of your childhood! The people are rooted in bringing uncovered joy back to our lives. Every booth has a story you feel compelled to dive into. No booth is the same and isn’t that just a grand experience for our eyes and our hearts! Old Crows is a must-visit!”
   OLD CROWS WILL BE CELEBRATING THEIR GRAND OPENING THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF OCTOBER. Refer to their website calendar, Instagram, and Facebook as they announce special events and giveaways. They have a great line-up for you! On October 3, start your engines with the Cars For Christ car show from 10 am – 2 pm. Enter your cool ride into one of several categories for only $5. Then, from 1-3, hustle inside where Denver Broncos great Randy Gradishar will be signing autographs! That’s not all, they’ll also have local Denver author and Broncos expert Scott Perry talking NFL/Bronco history in the Root Beer Bar. It’s going to be an amazing day filled with drawings, giveaways, and prizes. Be sure to share it with your friends! See advertisement on page three for more about Old Crows. 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Randy Gradishar Fan & Autograph Session

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