Beating the Blahs Again

By Sandy Dale
 Again, it is February.  Sometimes cold, sometimes sunny, sometimes icy, sometimes snowy.  It’s Colorado, right?  Don’t like it today? Could be worse tomorrow, or unseasonably warm.  The “holidays” have come and gone, we’ve finally got the decorations taken down and put away.  (Okay, some of us really like the lights and are pokey about taking them down.)  Now, we just want to hibernate.  However, most of us can only do this for so long, then boredom and the blahs set in.  You can only clean the kitchen cabinets or the closets for a limited period of time before questioning your sanity.  So…here are some suggestions for beating those blahs:


 1. If we are lucky enough to have snow, go out and shovel your walk or driveway.  Then do your neighbor’s.  (Take your dog for extra entertainment.)
 2. Venture out to your favorite coffee shop.  Mine here in Florence is the Pour House.  Meet old friends or make some new ones.  Converse about the wonky weather.
 3. Read travel blogs, or better, read travel books.  My favorites are the big coffee table ones with fabulous photos…yes, you can still find these at the library…and at thrift stores and our great antique stores…real books.
 4. Plan a daytrip to Florence to the antique stores I mentioned above.  You can google Florence maps and plot the most scenic route to take when the weather clears.
 5. Take the daytrip you planned.  Enjoy our terrific shops and super restaurants.  Come for breakfast, lunch, and stay for dinner.
 6. Take a hike.  Pioneer Park just west of town has a lovely walking trail.  The crunch of the path and the cool, crisp air clear your head and your lungs.
 7. Overhaul your wardrobe.  Check out the super new fashions and the great retro garb at Earth Dreams, Treasures Too, Antique Warehouse, Florence Consignment, Spirit Riders, and more…
 8. Make clever Valentine’s cards from the Victorian cards and photos you found at the antique stores.  You don’t have to cut them up, just copy, cut, & paste.
 9. Go overboard with decor for St. Patrick’s Day.
 10. Smile.  This can be difficult when it’s cold and gray.  But this simple act is healthy and contagious.   Masking up?  Paint or stitch a smile on your mask.

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