What Is It? October 2014



We had one correct answer for our October’s What Is It. Dennis Thode of Broomfield, Colorado correctly identified the object as a holder for powder papers. It is a 19th Century pharmacy tool —a powder folder used to hold meds in the days before solid tablets. He is correct! It is a brass powder folder which was listed in an 1874 catalogue. It is a rare device today. Dennis explained that, “Powder papers are folded paper (glassine, parchment) about 4 x 3 inches. Medications are prepared by the pharmacist and then measured (weighed out). The paper is folded in half then folded again. The medication is placed inside the center of the fold. Then the ends are folded to the center. The finished paper is placed in the hold while more are produced. When the correct number are finished, they are then put in a box. A prescription label is attached to the box.” Thank you, Dennis, for sending the sample of a powder paper. It is fun to learn more about this What Is It! And, congratulations, you have won a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector.


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