What Is It? May 2022

 Marjorie McLaren of Anchorage, Alaska thought this object might be a metal wrist-bracelet with a keyring attached. It is actually a Victorian silvered metal adjustable dog collar.
 The engraving on the collar says Frank Hamblin of City Coal Co. of Bath (England).
 Marjorie found out that there is an interesting side story to this person. Frank (the son) and William (the father) were both indicted in 1918 for fraud against the City of Bath relating to forged billings to the City for day-work haulage by the father which were then paid by the son in his then capacity as a clerk for the City. The loss to the City for fraud was stated as 8,727 English pounds. Following a jury trial, the son was sentenced to seven years in prison and the father to 18 months at hard labor. Subsequently, in 1921, the son died in prison at age 44.
 The above information regarding the Hamblins was obtained from various online sources including memorials of the Lyncombe & Widcombe and St. James’ Cemetery.
 Thanks, Marjorie. You never disappoint. And, congratulations, you have won a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector.

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