What Is It? May 2021

   We had two correct answers for our May’s What Is It. Jacque Rutledge of Northglenn, Colorado and Marjorie McLaren of Anchorage, Alaska both identified the object as a swan-shaped art glass piece.
   Marjorie shared with us, “May’s What Is It appears to be a beautiful Duncan and Miller pink opalescent glass spread-wing swan bowl. The swan pattern was perhaps their most popular. This pattern may be a variation on their Sylvan Leaves pattern. The wings appear to have “curved ribs” like leaf veins. The swan was likely made in the 1930s in Pennsylvania.
   The bowl was made first from clear pink glass that becomes opalescent toward the rim. While still hot it was passed to another glassmaker, who added the clear pink glass blob that was pulled to become the swan’s neck, head and eyes. Because of the handwork to form the neck and head, each swan is slightly different. These bowls are useful as well as ornamental, came in several sizes and could hold candy or other items.
   The Duncan and Miller Glass Company was founded in 1865 in Pennsylvania by the Duncan family. After a factory fire, the company was moved to Washington, PA and Miller, a long-time designer became a shareholder. The company ceased operation in 1955.” Thanks, Marjorie, for the great detail about our May’s What Is it?
   You both have won a year’s subscription to the Mountain Stares Collector.

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