What Is It? July 2017


July’s What Is It picture snuff boxes. Smoking related memorabilia is a popular theme to many collectors, Some of the earliest pieces come from the time of Washington and many wonderful examples come in the 1820-1870 range.

Several of our readers were able to identify the What Is It. Congratulations to Christine Green of Westminster, Colorado; Dede Horan of Englewood, Colorado; Marjorie McLaren of Anchorage, Alaska (Marjorie points out that, “These are snuff boxes, most likely of paper mache, dating probably to the early to mid-1800s. Common themes were prominent people, places or events. The pictured items are probably gentlemen’s snuff boxes because of their masculine themes.”); and Terry Cook, Fort Morgan, Colorado (Terry tells us that, “This type of display was found in homes to commemorate family military heros, most likely from the American Revolution and on.”). Thanks for adding to our information.

Congratulations to our winners. You have won a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector.

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