What Is It? February 2018

The four hatpins shown to the left are all fashioned from natural materials. From left they are carved bone, a tooth (probably from an elk) mounted in gold, carved ivory, and two small deer teeth in a silver setting. The most valuable of the four is the ivory-elephant hatpin.


We had several correct guessers for February’s What Is It. They have all won a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector. Congratulations!


The winners are: Kay McGrath, Pueblo, Colorado; Jacque Rutledge, Northglenn, Colorado; Loene McIntyre, Fort Collins, Colorado; Marjorie P. McLaren, Anchorage, Alaska; Judy Hess, Greeley, Colorado; Jeanne Beyer, Aurora, Colorado; Terry Cook, Fort Morgan, Colorado (though they are not cane handles or baton ends, they probably could be used that way); and Starla Metayer, Roggen, Colorado.

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