Thoreau Article Brings Great Response

Incredible! I’m so impressed with Paul Emerson DeStefano. This is so well written and timely. That’s why Thoreau and Emerson are great, their thinking endures. Jon from Denver
Beautifully written! Definitely see him as a professional writer in the future. Aka, he’ll be a published doctor!!! Christy from Denver
Thanks to Paul, I now have a whole new appreciation for Thoreau. As a school librarian for 10 years, I loved his comment, “Books are a treasured wealth of the world…” Also loved the part on Global Warming. “We can never have enough of nature.” Peggy B., Evergreen
I loved the “pushing out the people who cause anguish in your life.” Great job, Paul. It has been my time for reflection and to do just that. Linda from Littleton
Wonderful! Please tell Paul that his article tying the philosophies together to address what’s happening today gave me hope. Really good writing. I’m so glad you shared this with us. Carole from Morrison
Nice issue. Tell Paul he did a great job. The tie article was interesting – I never knew there were that that many knots. That said, I hope I never have to tie one again. Dick from Pine
Love it! That’s my nephew!!! Some sentences just took my breath away. Looks like we have another writer in the family—and a thinker—whew, what a thinker. Well done, Paul Emerson! Joseph from Centennial
That’s some good writing, Paul! Dr. Paris Loyle, Wichita, Kansas
Wow! This is so cool. Well done, Paul! 🙂 Kate from Wichita, Kansas
What a gifted writer Paul is and the poem about moths was fun. Thanks for sharing. Sondra of Lakewood

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