The Appraiser’s Diary: Update on Murray, The Toothless Poodle

By Rachel Hoffman


   It’s been over a year since Murray The Toothless Poodle made his debut on the pages of this paper. He wanted to check in with all of his fans from the Mountain States Collector newspaper and update you on his adventures. For those who might not know who Murray is, he is a tiny, now twelve, toothless (yes, not one tooth!) toy poodle that I purchased on the clearance rack at the local animal shelter for $25.00. The old guys were on sale the whole month of November. In fact, the old guys and gals are usually always on sale at the shelter.
   Murray, like most antiquated things, is better vintage. His calm, knowing personality fits my lifestyle perfectly. In the past year, Murray has flown on eight airplanes. He has been to Florida twice, California twice, and has decided he loves the energy and feel of the ocean. Murray LOVES peanut butter, hates snow, and will nudge your hand if you dare stop petting him. He even has two long distance girlfriends that he met on the Internet. He walks down the road to the Clip ‘N Curl every couple weeks where Charlene gives him the fluffiest hairdos. Murray isn’t shy to tell you about the importance of a good hairdo – it is, after all, the only crown you never take off. Charlene understands that.
   Murray stares at me with an intensity of sheer gratitude. I feel like I have given him a second life, one that has so much left in it. I think that is how many antique hunters feel when they find the perfect treasure.
   Like Murray, vintage and antique goods have a special appeal because they speak to the heart from the past. Vintage shopping is like time travel for some people. It’s amazing what turns up from one hundred or even two hundred years ago, sometimes in near mint condition OR with a fabulous time-worn charm. Everything that acquires beauty with age is precious.
   So – I encourage you to keep shopping for antique and vintage treasures, and if you really want an adventure, pop into your local animal shelter and ask to see the old ones. They are the best.
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