Homestead Antique Mall is 10 Years Old and Still Going Strong!

 It is very hard to believe that 10 years has gone by, it seems to have happened so very quickly and we are going strong!
 Andy and Leanne, the owners of Homestead, had a vision to create a great store and an even better shopping experience. For us, It all started way back when we would go and spend the day going to The Old Bonanza Flea Market and of course garage sales back in the ’70’s where we would buy things and since Andy is a woodworker, he would repair or refinish or repurpose the things we would find. And from there it blossomed.
 “Leanne and I would spend the year finding all sorts of antiques and furniture and a wide assortment of things.  We would clean them up, fix and or repair them, and get them ready to resell.  After buying our first house we would keep what we loved and then started having big garage sales once a year.  People looked forward to them year after year. We had an opportunity at the time to move in to Stage Stop Antique Mall. We were there until they closed their doors.
 After they closed down, Leanne and I still wanted to stay in the business.  It took us a couple of years to find the right space and to get everything lined up to open up Homestead Antique Mall.  We hand picked all of the best antique dealers that we had known throughout the years and asked them to come along and help up build up Homestead to be the best antique mall in Arvada.  We wanted to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, staffed with friendly and knowledgable employees and we have had amazing success ever since we opened the store.
We attribute our success to all the great dealers and their hard work that they but into making Homestead what it is.  The dealers  keep their booths stocked with a wide variety of antiques and collectables. We strive to have a clean and welcoming environment for everyone.  On top that we have the best employees you could ever ask for.  All the employees at Homestead have been in the business for years and are eager to answer any questions that the customers my have.  We couldn’t ask for better, and it shows.  We are always getting feedback from our customers about how nice the store is, how well stocked it is and most importantly how friendly the staff is.
In a nutshell, we are very grateful to all the staff, dealers and customers that have made Homestead Antique Mall the best antique store in Arvada and the surrounding area.  We have had a great 10 years and are hoping for another great 10 years!”

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