Homestead Antique Mall in Arvada Celebrates 7 Years

By Kimmity Ramer
   Back in the 1970’s when Leanne and I started buying antiques we went to the Bonanza Flea Market at 56th and Federal Blvd. The first item Leanne and I purchased was a White sewing machine that Andy had to carry the whole length of the flea market. That machine is what started it all off. Bonanza Flea Market is long gone but our love for the thrill of the hunt still remains.
   Oh, how the time has flown by. . .We cannot believe that we are getting ready to celebrate our lucky #7th year in business!! Watching our idea grow from just a thought to a bustling family-owned antique store, located at 6530 Wadsworth Bypass in Arvada, has been thrilling.
   We have seen and have weathered some big changes in the antique business in general and big changes for Leanne and I in particular. After opening we knew after about a year that we had also acquired a very large and wonderful family.
   You will not find any better staff anywhere in Colorado. Every customer that comes through the door can always rely on our staff with any needs that they might have, whether they are looking for a specific item or just looking for suggestions, our staff is there to help.
   Over 75% of our original 70 dealers are still with us after 7 years. Leanne and I consider them our family as well. The vast knowledge of our 70-plus dealers having expertise in everything from true Antiques to Mid-Mod to Advertising to Ephemera to Antique Linens & Lace, Stoneware and Photography, just to name a few.    Homestead Antique Mall has over 12,00 square feet of fabulous antiques and collectibles. Everyone is sure to find that special something, whether you are looking to spend a hour or a whole day shopping, there is always something new to see.
   Our dealers scour the country looking for the unique and unusual items to be added to our customers beloved collections.
   Andy, Leanne and I and all the staff at Homestead Antique Mall would like to thank all of our customers for making the last 7 years truly remarkable. And we are all looking forward to many, many more!
   Come out and help us celebrate our anniversary February 14th – 23rd!

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