Florence’s B & B Pawn and Antiques

   By Jon DeStefano
   Florence, the Antique Capitol of Colorado is known for its many outstanding and unique antique shops and B & B Pawn and Antiques at the beginning of town is certainly one of them. When Allen and Sara bought the building nearly three years ago this September, it had been there since the 1960’s but had never been an antique shop. It started as an A-frame house but was never lived in. Instead it became home to eight different restaurants over the years before they converted it to a pawn and antique shop.
   Allen knew he wanted to have a pawn business. He had worked for a man who had a pawn business and learned the trade. He was fascinated with antiques but never thought about opening an antique shop. Sara had no experience in antiques, she just liked older things and bought them because they intrigued her and their quality was so much better.
   When they bought the place and took stock of what they had, this beautiful A-frame building, with all its windows and natural light in Colorado’s Antique Capitol, Allen said, “It was just a natural match, so here we are.”
   A natural match it is. The antique shop is filled with some of the most interesting and unique antiques you will find in Colorado with an emphasis on great man cave items ranging from guns and antique tools of all kinds to steel guitars, collectibles and quality vintage furniture. They even had a 1898 Harvard dentist’s roll top desk.
   Allen adds, “Our customers come from all over. It’s a tourist town. I have one customer who buys everything Coleman, another who just wants lanterns, and another who is refurbishing a place and is using only antique tools from the 1800’s, because he wants to do it the way it was originally done. People like the shop because we have something for everyone.” They even have a person who does tattoos in house, as they lease space to a tattoo artist.
   Allen is quick to give Sara the credit for the great appearance of the shop and the antiques in it. “This is all my wife’s doing. She’s fixed it up nice and our customers really appreciate it. I’m the gun guy, but I enjoy everything about the store and we love Florence.”
   Everything in the shop is in excellent shape. Going through B&B is in itself a treat. The grand staircase came out of a house in the canyon, the counter top came from a place in Coal Creek and the list goes on. Sara brought many of her own antiques in some they get from auctions, and “sometimes it just comes in the front door.” Their slogan is “They will buy almost anything.”
   Sometimes they just do trades. Often people just call them and they also do house visits. People moving to Colorado often don’t have room for all their things and need to get rid of it.
   Visit B & B Pawn and Antiques when you’re in Florence. They are located at 727 E. Main Street at the beginning of town. Their number is (719) 784-7070. You will enjoy this unique shop and Allen and Sara. They’re good people and make everyone feel right at home.

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