Dear Mountain States Collector Folks       

from Sandy Dale

 I have been writing my little “blog thingey” for seven years. Of course, it doesn’t seem like it. I am desperately trying to replace my ailing Apple Macbook and also fix my ailing truck. It has been a real trial to do anything digital these days. I have made a commitment to myself to complete the book I’ve been writing for 5 years and get a few others published before my computer actually dies (or the truck does).
 All this brings me to the real point of this note. I want to thank you guys for printing my down-home thoughts. Most of the time, it was real fun and really good for me. I had lots of compliments from folks who read them. I have retired from writing the ad copy, so I hope the merchants’ association will find somebody else…or maybe this will just be a long sabatical and I’ll be back sometime in the distant future. I officially resigned two weeks ago and perhaps they have already replaced me. Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words and support. I know many people enjoy your paper. Keep up the great voodoo you do.

 Sandy Dale

 Oh, Sandy,

 We will miss you so much. I love how your articles added that “down-home” touch.
 I hope you get both your truck and your computer moving! I gave my truck away about a year ago. It had 400,000 miles on it and I just    couldn’t put money into it. I miss it so much.
 My computer is a different story. I had to get a new one because our new printer had to use different programs. I’m glad I had to buy a new one. I keep my old one plugged in and connected because I have years and years of old stuff I need to connect with.
 Take your MacBook to the Mac store. Maybe they can upgrade it or revitalize it. Maybe you could buy a new one and pay for it on time.
 I wish I could help you.
 So glad you are getting back to your book. You will feel so great when you finish it! I’d love to see a copy of it when you are done.

 Take care, Sandy. Stay in touch.

 Peggy D., MSC

 Thank you for the sweet note, The 400,000 miles was encouraging and I know I have upgraded about as far as Pinky (my computer) can go, but I’ll check into revitalization…I’m probably the one that needs that. I’ll definitely send you a copy of Rumble of Destiny when I finish it.

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