Book Review: A Women’s History of Denver’s Most Elegant Hotel By Debra B. Faulkner

Book Review by Peggy DeStefano
   Belonging to two book clubs is very challenging but I am very grateful to learn of so many great books that I may have never thought to read or even knew existed. Of course, having the members of your clubs be so well-read and so enthusiastic about their choices makes the effort to keep up easy.
   “The Ladies of the Brown” was a surprise. It wasn’t the type of book we usually read. But when Sondra Kellogg suggested it, we thought we’d give it a try. She has never failed us before.
   What fun we had learning about this amazing assortment of characters, all real, and this building so well-appointed and enduring. The creative minds of its founder Henry C. Brown and its subsequent caretakers and owners made the Brown Palace the place to be then and now.
   “From the moment it opened in 1892, the Brown’s elegance and ambiance have drawn ladies who appreciate the finer things,” Faulkner shares. She continues, “The venerable venue has set the stage for countless scenes of romance and scandal, new beginnings and cherished memories. In ways significant or small, the Brown touches everyone who passes through its doors.”
   Chapter titles capture the spirit of the book as it explores the various residents. Examples include: Augusta Tabor: Cast-Off Spouse, “Molly” Brown: Titantic Heart, Emily Griffith: Opportunity’s Champion, Naughty Neighbors: The Notorious Navarre. Society Ladies abound: Mrs. Crawford Hill, Sassy Springer, Edna Boettcher along with Famous Ladies who made the Brown their go-to place included Sarah Bernhardt, Helen Keller, Babe Didriksen Zaharias, Debbie Reynolds, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Joan Baez. Prominent Ladies found their way there including Queen Marie of Romania, Mamie Eisenhower, Jessie Thornton, Marilyn van Derbur, Ethel Kennedy and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Working ladies also were a part of the scene. They include Edna Stewart, Rosalie Soper, Marge Harmon, Katherine Rickes Orr, Corinne Hunt and Barbara Goodrich.
   Why not check this book out? It is great fun. I appreciate my book club for recommending it.
   Special thanks to Club Member Linda Lancaster for arranging our tour and tea at the Brown Palace.
‘Ladies of the Brown’ Comes to Life with Tour
Ladies of the Brown
Published by The History Press, Charleston, SC 29403
Copyright 2010 by Debra B. Faulkner
All right reserved

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