A Success Story — Fleischmann’s Yeast

By Carol Mobley
 Founded in 1868 by Charles Louis Fleischmann, his brother Maximilian, and James Gaff in Riverside, Cincinnati as Gaff, Fleischmann & Company, the Fleischmann Company is now 154 years old and still thriving.  The success of their products is simple.  They provide a high-quality product for both industry and the home, yeast.
 The Fleischmann brothers wanted to produce a better bread, similar to what they had in Austria before migrating to the US.  Prior to 1868 bread makers had to use fresh yeast which had no shelf life.  Fleischmann’s compressed yeast into a cake and offering it to the household, often wrapped in foil (yellow label on foil as shown).  This new type of yeast stored easily and could be used when needed.  Fleischmann’s yeast was the first commercially produced yeast in the United States.
 Not only did they improve the quality of bread, they created a prolific advertising campaign to promote their product.  In 1876 Fleischmann’s displayed their yeast product at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition where it gained immediate recognition.    They printed several series of advertising trade cards that were collected, offered premiums for labels and later even printed cooking booklets and promotional brochures.  Fleischmann advertising is still collected today.
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