Travel to Chantique in Boulder! You Will Be Charmed!

   Take one step inside Chantique’s doors and you will immediately feel as if you have been carried away to the romantic charm of Italian wine country, castles of France or the canals of Venice. This store will take your breath away! Anthony of Chantique travels on perfect adventures to remote villages of Italy and the countryside of France to save the antique chandelier treasures of Europe.
   Anthony works with love of detail to completely rewire and restore these One-of-a-Kind treasures to the original artist’s vision so you will have the confidence of buying a piece of art that is ready to hang in your beautiful home. With over 14 successful years in European lighting and Colorado’s largest selection, Chantique is the authority on real European lighting.
Travel to Chantique…
   Connoisseurs who travel to Chantique will discover over 150 elegant antique chandeliers dripping in crystals and cast in valuable bronze suspended over your head. Chantique offers chandeliers from 1895 to mid-century, including authentic antique Baccarat 35% lead crystal chandeliers from elegant French Villas, the finest handblown Venetian glass chandeliers from Murano and Venice, art nouveau lights, 1920’s American deco pieces, sconces, grand architectural lights and the very first original modern lights from Italy in the 1950’s. “These artworks represent a pinnacle of poise and refinement,” Anthony says. “They are the work of cultures on the rise. We’ve lost some politeness and elegance in our world today making these items valuable touchstones back to more refined times.”
   One has to wonder what liaisons, rendezvous and secrets of life these artworks have illuminated as they have traveled through time. Besides being a savvy investment, increasing in value, chandeliers are one of the few things that are “dark green” passing culture on to your next generation. This caliber in lighting is not being made today, making these pieces smart investments and adding value to your home for years to come. Chandeliers represent the height of fine European taste that is attained from travel and life experience.
   The romantic elegance of this store is such that the Boulderado and other hotels send many couples to have their wedding photographs taken using Chantique as a ‘secret’ backdrop for memorable wedding photographs—giving the photographs the feel they were taken at an Italian Villa or charming historic hotel of Europe.
It’s your home, make it special…
   The perfect chandelier adds your character to your home. Contemporary homes can show off these unique pieces, too. They add warmth and character that is often lacking in modern designs. Chantique’s mid-century 1950’s lights are the original modern lights from France & Italy & are savvy investments. Chantique sells Only Authentic Antique Chandeliers, no reproductions!
   P.S. Put real Bronze, real Crystal, real Art, in your home and make it Special!
   Chantique is steps off Pearl Street Mall at Spruce and 11th St. in Boulder. Open Monday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., with private appointments available anytime. For more information email Anthony@

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