Thanksgiving Tips in Florence

By Sandy Dale
 I don’t believe any of us can take a walk on one of these gorgeous, golden fall days in Colorado and not be filled with gratitude for the beauty of it.  I’m of the opinion that who or what you are thanking is not as important as the overwhelming feeling of warmth you feel in your heart.  It’s even been stated by scientists that feelings of gratitude are actually good for your heart.
A sure cure for seasonal sadness, boredom, or whatever might be weighing down your spirit.  Pick an item, any item – food, tools, clothes, anything made by the hands of man or woman.  Now, start listing the hands that have been involved in bringing you this item.  If it is food, you must start with the tilling of the soil, the farming or tending of the animal, the shipping, the preparation for market, packing, driving and shipping again, stocking of shelves, checkers, cooks, etc. (Oh, did you remember to count the hands involved in the manufacture of the car you went shopping in?)  Even if you grow your own food, of course, you must thank yourself, but also those that made your hoe, shovel, etc. that you have used.  If it is clothing, you must think of all those involved in the manufacture of the fibers the item is woven from be it made by beast (oops, don’t forget the hands that raised the cattle or the sheep) or made by man.  Then, there are the weavers, pattern makers, cutters, stitchers, buyers, shippers, drivers, stockers, retailers.  (I guess we must thank the advertisers or we wouldn’t know what was for sale, where it was for sale, or if there was a sale going on).  Personally, I have to thank people who take their partially loved items to thrift stores to be recycled.  Many of my clothes are treasured finds and my most creative art pieces are made from recycled items.  As you can see, this exercise can take a very long time as we use hundreds of items a day.
 I’d like to give special thanks to the merchants and retailers here in Florence.  They make shopping here a delight.  They remind you to shop locally for those unique and special gifts…for the people who make you grateful.  Come enjoy the holiday windows, great dining, and stressless shopping.  You can find all this in Florence.

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