Ready for Spring

Sandy Dale
   I admit I’m a bit spoiled living here in the Banana Belt as we here in Florence call it. It gets a bit nippy, but not what other folks farther north call COLD. Still, I love those spring-like days that sneak in between the snowy ones. I get up from my art table or my computer and go for a walk, pretending that it isn’t going to snow again the day after tomorrow.
   It’s a bit early for the buds to be popping out on the trees and in the planters along Main St., but a new restaurant has popped up in the 100 east block. And look over there across the street, a new Western shop is opening. And next door, Antique Warehouse (the shop with all the great lighting hanging from the ceiling) has transplanted itself from a few doors west to a bigger space between the new Western shop and Rustique.    Speaking of transplants, Heartland Boutique (with the great clothes and accessories) has moved to Heartland Classic half a block east of its old location. Kinda reminds me of the garden. I never know what is going to pop up where. When it does pop up, I’ll have to move it to a different spot.
   I wanted to mention that not only is Florence, the Antique Capital of Colorado located in the Banana Belt, but it is also a fabulous little artists’ colony. March is my favorite month because the Bell Tower (our cultural arts center) hosts All Things Celtic…all us wannabe Celts paint, weave, or carve up a storm and exhibit the pieces from March 8 to April 10.
   Of course, art goes on here all year long tastefully exhibited with the antiques at the Blue Heron, the Blue Spruce and other fine establishments. That reminds me…I’d better get back to my art table and finish up my Celtic pieces (seen here). Find many works of art and antiques in beautiful downtown Florence.

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