Put Out the Old and Enjoy the New

By Sandy Dale

T’was the month after Christmas and all through our town
Merchants had a great season so there wasn’t a frown.
They cleaned out their windows and packed up the stuff.
Though they’d had lots of fun, they’d had quite enough.
They eyed one another and tried to decide
To replace what they’d had; something to excite.
The antique dealers, they put out the old,
The Bake Shop new cook’s stuff, Earth Dreams great new clothes.
When out in the street there arose a kerfuffle,
There stood a large pigeon with his feathers all ruffled.
He wore a top hat and carried a cane.
In the din of those gath’ring, not one heard his name,
But he spoke to the crowd
Loud as a bird can be loud,
“May your upcoming year, be the best ever.
In 2022, may there be no sickness (or hardly never.)
May there be no sorrow or crippling fear,
Just peace and joy through the coming New Year.”
He flew up in the air and tipped his hat,
He waved his cane and that was that.
Florence Merchants and I, too, wish the best to you!
Come find it in Florence in 2022.
(My apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, author of “The Night Before Christmas.”)

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