Heirlooms Antique Mall’s New Owners Celebrate Anniversary With Month Long Sale

IMG_4186By Jon DeStefano


Heirlooms Antique Mall is celebrating its first anniversary on August 1st with a month long First Anniversary  Sale. The August sale will feature store wide discounts ranging from 10% to 25% and every dealer will be participating in the sale. Owners Scott Davenport  and Cliff Berry have a lot to be grateful for since they took over Heirlooms August 1, 2015 and so do all their dealers as the mall has been a great success.


When you walk in the mall you instantly realize the place has a completely different feel. While the number of dealers have more than doubled, the space is organized in a way where it feels much more spacious even though they’ve added nearly thirty dealers and 16 cases.


One thing contributing to that feeling is that the inventory is completely different which is something Scott and Cliff and their dealers work at.


IMG_4193Scott adds, “We have very diverse items, more eclectic stuff in here. A lot more primitives now. Altogether 45 dealers spread over 14,000 square feet, not including 16 dealers cases. 14,000 square feet of memories.”
Cliff continues, “it’s a combination of mid century, vintage, primitives, industrial,  all the things people are wanting today. Quality of inventory consists of  very different things people are wanting. The quality of merchandise our dealers have and the very different things they carry with each dealer trying not to duplicate what other dealers have, creates great variety.”


Scott smiles and says, “Our dealers sell the stuff you don’t need but absolutely have to have.”
Cliff chimes in, “It reminds you of the high quality we used to have in a day gone past versus the disposable stuff that is often being produced today. When you are in a store like this it’s hard not to remember a time in America we all still long for.”


They explain the Internet has changed antiquing, the stuff that was rare you can have delivered in a day. Rare stuff is not so rare anymore. So today it’s all about pricing, who has the most reasonable price.
They have retained almost all their dealers and have only a very few limited spaces still available for the right people. “It needs to be a good fit.”


Scott explains, “We’ve been lucky we’ve retained the previous dealers and they have understood what we have tried to accomplish here and have stuck with us and it has worked out better for everyone.”


The dealers concur. We talked to many of them old and new. Jane Lenze sums it up best. “I’ve been here four years. Wonderful changes have taken place, I see a lot more customers, I like the feel of it. I love the music. I hope everybody keeps coming in and buying. I love being a dealer here.”


Moutaz Elkaissi,  who came in November  2015, said, “I love it, it’s great. It’s changed a lot even just since I’ve been here. A lot more dealers came in. They have redesigned the entire store. Variety and selection is great and the foot traffic is at least 3 times what it was before.”


In Heirlooms Antique Mall you will find Native American, military, Chinese, authentic Persian rugs, costume jewelry, glassware, a great industrial section, an entire Mexican section and a lot of dealers who do a collage of things. Dealers in Heirlooms are very good about making sure that what they are offering is presented differently.


Heirlooms is one of the most reasonably priced antique malls, and an owner is on site 7 days a week. The  mall is always clean. It has a sense of fresh and new and most importantly they do business the old fashioned way—where their customers feel welcomed and cared  about.


Check Heirlooms out. They are located at 1947 S. Havana in Aurora. For more information, call them at 303-337-6880 or go to heirloomsantique mall.com.

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