Florence — One of the Greenest in the State

By Rita Derego
   Every time I see a leprechaun with a shamrock in one hand and a green beer in the other, I think it must be that time of year again. I know what you are thinking: If she sees that scenario, she must be putting on a wee bit too much of the green for St. Patrick’s Day.
   Well, I live and work in Florence, the antiques capital of Colorado—and our fair burg is one of the greenest towns in the state. And I see green everywhere I look, all year long. True enough, we’ve been a Tree City USA community for over three decades. We’re surrounded by verdant green pastures. But the real reason, in my opinion, that Florence is so green (besides our free community recycling venues) is that the whole town is the ultimate successful recycling venture. Obviously we take interesting objects from generations past and recycle them to new appreciative collectors.
   Sure we have a few shamrocks and leprechauns decorating the windows of our many shops, but since this year is a leap year, one shop owner decided to give the annual putting on the green a little different twist by decorating a window with green animals that are known to leap.
   One of my favorites is this vintage poster of a Grasshopper cocktail recipe.
   And what would Leap Year be without a frog or two? You might remember these flashes-from-the past frogs that hold a sponge or a bar of soap. We also have ones that store items in a different portion of their anatomies, but since this a family publication, I’ll just let you come to Florence in person and find our Leap Year window and see for yourself.
   Green leaping collectibles might not have everyone jumping for joy, but how about a huge green tin of oyster pearl biscuits from Denver?
   Or this snappy green-clad fellow attempting to lure you into getting new duds at the tailors. I wonder if customers came out of said tailor shop looking a little more leprechanish (no there is no such word, but I enjoy making up words) than when they went in.
   Ah, and this well-loved doll taking her repose in a green wicker chair. When I spotted her, my first thought was: That’s what many visitors to Florence tell me they feel like when they attempt to visit all our town’s shops in just a few hours. They all agree there is so much to see here, that it takes a full day (or even two) to tour the town’s treasures. But even if you only have a few hours to browse our town, we look forward to seeing you.    Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us in green Florence!

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