Connie’s Antiques and Treasures, A Collector’s Dream

By Peggy DeStefano
   Gil and Connie Rivera have recently opened their new antique shop in North Denver. Prior to the move they had their shop in the Tennyson Street Warehouse for about 4 or 5 years. When the opportunity to lease the building at 3832 Tennyson St. came, they jumped on it.
   After Gil retired from his construction work, he was taking care of his 91 year old father. When the pandemic hit, his sister took over those responsibilities and it freed him to pursue the antique store he and his wife were eager to build.
   Starting a business now, with the pandemic ever present, was in the least a challenge. Connie is still working for Insureon selling commercial insurance to small businesses. Many of those businesses are construction companies.
   Together, Gil and Connie have three kids and six grandkids. Two of the granddaughters, Gloria and Samantha, help out at the store. Masks are required and Gil has one at the ready if you forgot yours. The shop is open Wednesday thru Sunday from 10 to 6. Check them out. You will love their shop!

Gil Rivera is proud of his shop. He mentions that he is always changing his inventory to keep things fresh. He is also at his booth at Heirlooms in Aurora one day a week.

Gil loves these statues so much I don’t think he wants to sell them. To the right, meet Beau, the store’s mascot. He is too cute!

We cannot forget Connie! After all, the store is named for her! Gil and Connie were high school sweethearts at Northglenn High School and they are still going strong as partners in this new venture. Both Gil and Connie are hard working people not afraid to pursue their dreams.

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