An Irishman’s Dinner

At home we lived the “simple life,”
With “pint and praties” for the dinner.
And chicken stew on Sundays, too,
(With nary a bit of chicken in her).
But when you “find” some rabbits in
The landlord’s ground (a poacher’s trick)
It’s wise to call them something else—
And so we called our rabbit “chick.”
You take and cut the rabbit up,
And boil with half a cup of rice;
Then add some dumplings—parsley, chopped—
A clove or two to give it spice.
“And what are ‘pint and praties?”
I should have told you—’twas my fault—
We eat the plain potatoes boiled,
And merely “pint” them in salt.
—From The Book of Kitchen Jingles by Olivia Barton Strohm
IRISH SALAD DRESSING Put yolk of egg into bowl, add one-half teaspoon mustard, one teaspoon salt and a taste of red pepper. Mix well. Add one-half teaspoon sugar, and one teaspoon each of lemon juice and vinegar. Add gradually a cupful of olive oil. Finally, add another teaspoon each of vinegar and lemon juice and beat with egg beater for five minutes. The “Irish” touch is given by a dash of any pure green coloring. The seasoning, too, may be a trifle altered to taste, but be sure to keep to the rule in the mixing.
From Kalamazoo Stove Company

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