Q & A: Steuben Glass, Souvenir Spoons, Radios

pbp #393 steuben cocktail glassesBy Anne Gilbert
Q.  This martini glass is part of a set of six that were a wedding gift to my late Parents in the 1950s. They are signed “Steuben” in script on the bottom rim. I know that Steuben glass was expensive at that time.


      What can you tell me about this unusual design, Steuben glass  and the current value?


B. C. -Cleveland, OH
     A.  You are right. Steuben handcrafted crystal was very expensive at that time. One of your martini glasses cost over $100. It, and free form sculptures were made by top Steuben designer-craftsmen. Your cocktail glasses, in the tear drop  pattern were  designed by George Thompson.      However, over the years public tastes changed, prices went down and Steuben went out of business in 2011, after producing its prized and pricey crystal items. Today, your entire set could be had for $100 or more.


pbp #394 moustache spoon     Q.  I collect old souvenir spoons. Recently I discovered this strange looking spoon at a flea market for $30. It has a shield over part of the bowl and has a hole in it, is heavily engraved as is the stem, with scenes from the 1894 California International Exposition. It is silver plate and larger than my other souvenir spoons. On the back it is marked M.S.C.I. What was it used for and is it worth more than I paid?


 B. L. D. – Dallas, TX
     A.  You have a rare mustache spoon. Back in the late 19th century men in all walks of life wore mustaches and beards. Eating soup and drinking coffee could be quite messy. Mustache spoons and cups came to the rescue. Your spoon was made by Maltby, Stevens and Curtis, patented around 1890. A current retail price is around $899.00.


     Q.  I love to go looking in other people’s trash for “cool” stuff. I found this transistor radio that just needed a new battery. It says “Panasonic Panapet, R 70.”  I didn’t know transistors were made in ball shapes or much about them. Does it have any value and are there collectors?


pbp#389 transister radio  F. M. – Raleigh, N.C.
     A.  Your transistor was made in the 1970s, 80s. The transistor radio became an actuality in 1948 at the Bell Laboratories. By the 1970s there were novelties such as flying saucers and ball shapes. Early transistors are popular collectibles but prices are still modest. Yours could sell to a collector for as much as $40.00.


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