Old Wagon Antique Mall Prospering

 “Hal” Reed is proud of having owned Old Wagon Antique Mall in Northglenn for four years now. “We’ve grown tremendously,” Hal tells us. There are up to 100 dealers who are part of the Mall. “We normally don’t have any empty spaces.”
 People are coming into the Mall from all over the world. “We’re lucky to be next door to Andre’s and Lana’s Market – European Grocery Store. So many visitors there include us in their shopping excursions. Then a Chinese Tour service has put us on their route and once or twice a month they bring about 40 people through to see what’s new at the Mall.
 Of course, what they find at the Old Wagon Antique Mall is an extremely well-organized shopping experience. “Our floor manager Bill Worner gets credit for that. He sets everything up. He also insists that everything is kept clean and he has strict regulations about how the dealers set up their booths,” Hal shares. “This is Bill’s part-time job. Believe it or not he works a full time job at another business. “He has a real passion for displaying all of the antiques and collectibles in an inviting way. He is so great at putting things back together, too,” Hal points out.
 Another helper is Donna who also is part-time but loves being here at the Mall. I owe my helpers a lot of credit for how the Mall runs. The dealers are great, too. At Old Wagon, each dealer does their own discounting.
 The dealers are encouraged to constantly keep their inventory fresh and to keep their booths uncluttered. This makes the shopping so much easier. You can be assured that you will receive personal attention at Old Wagon, too.
 The Mall has 8,000 square feet and has over 100 dealers to choose from. The booths are full of antiques, collectibles and vintage for a variety of interests. The place is open and inviting.
 The inventory at the Mall includes a lot of glass, specialty smalls, tools, etc. There is a Star Wars dealer, sports card dealer, and a train person and, of course, there are clocks, which is Hal’s specialty. “We are also seeing a lot of higher end furniture being offered at the store.”
 Bill and Hal go on antique and collectible shopping trips. They love checking out stores across the country. Whenever they can, they add to their inventory. Sometimes they will buy from people who bring in their items to sell and they do a little consignment but not much. There is a “discount room” in the Mall for items. You can always find a deal there.
 Old Wagon Antique Mall is located at 10685 Melody Drive in Northglenn. Next time you’re in the Northglenn area stop by Old Wagon Antique Mall, you’ll be as impressed as we are. It’s a great Mall. You can call Hal at 303-280-8114 for more information. The Mall is open 10:00 to 5 Monday thru Friday. Saturday 10:30 to 5, 12 to 4 Sundays, Closed Tuesdays.
See you at Old Wagon Antique Mall!


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