Congratulations on 50 years of the Mountain States Collector

 Dear Jon and Peg, Congratulations on 50 years of publishing the Mountain States Collector! I’ve been reading it that long. My late parents and I are antiques dealers and have enjoyed the newsy articles, ads, calendar and steadfast monthly publications.
 I worked with Jon on several CEA local association papers way back to the late 1970s including the JCEA Insight — and then helped CEA locals with newspaper content and ideas when I worked at CEA 30+ years.
 Thank you! Your contributions to Colorado’s antiques business are legend.
 Jeanne Beyer, Aurora, Colorado
50 years with Mtn. States Collector, Peg and Jon. Way to go!
Ann Stafford, Arvada, Colorado
50 years! Amazing and wonderful!
Carol MacDougall Lindauer, Littleton, CO
Congratulations on your 50 year mark. What an accomplishment!
Marcia Ragonetti, La Cache, Denver, CO
50! Your publication has had many journeys. Our mother submitted articles through your encouragement. You helped our sister Mary land a journeyman’s job with the Dayton Daily News by publishing her. You embodied The Publication Company business with Jon that included small and large concerns: teachers, realtors, seniors, soccer and so on. It was never one publication but a host of “living” styles and life.
You should write your story and celebrate. MSC, MSC, MSC!!!
Sally Gronauer, Cincinnati, Ohio
Keep up the good work! I could take another 50 years of the Mountain States Collector!
Diane Roberts, Vail, Colorado

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