What Is It? October 2019

   To the Mountain States Collector Staff: Thank you for adding us to your mailing list for the Mountain States Collector. We have really been enjoying it. Tim especially enjoyed the issues with his truck, of course. (Tim Gregg provided the What Is It for the June What Is It which was a Power Wagon.) I notice you usually have the ‘What Is It’ page. If you ever need something for that part of the paper, I can supply you a pic of an item which to date, no one we know has been able to identify. Thanks for the fun! Sherry Gregg
   Readers, can you help Sherry out? See if you can identify the item pictured above. Send your answers to the What Is It contest, postmarked by October 20, to the Mountain States Collector, P.O. Box 1003, Bailey, CO 80421. At least three winners will be drawn. Winners will receive a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector.

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