What Is It? November 2020

   The objects are prehistoric stone axes. These are all lower grade tools. Two lack the shape and workmanship of finer examples. The two celt type axes are much smaller and have significant damage to the bit ends.
   We had two correct answers to our November’s What Is It. Vicky Kellen of Castle Pines, Colorado and Jerome McLaren of Conifer, Colorado were on the right track. Vicky Kellen thought they might be tomahawk heads which we think is close enough. The fun of her letter is what she said next, “It doesn’t matter if we (my husband and I) are right or wrong; you offered us a conversational moment in these sparce times. Keep up the good work!”
   Also, Jerome McLaren’s guess offered that these tools might be stone scrapers for fleshing hides. Some also made of bone and antlers. We bet he is right, too.
   Thank you for venturing guesses. You have won a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector. Congratulations!

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