What Is It? May 2018

   We had several correct answers to our May’s What Is It. The device is 1/2 of a block and tackle which was used with a rope to lift heavy objects. This is a pulley-holding block from an early 20th Century Chesapeake Bay fishing boat. It was used for many jobs, from raising sail to hoisting cargo. The example is a treble block (named for its three sheaves or pulleys) with sister hooks designed so it would snap easily onto a load.    Congratulations to our winners. They include: Loretta Lockett of Longmont, Colorado; Dennis Lewandowski, Littleton, Colorado; Joyce Fuller, Littleton, Colorado; Bill McLaren, Anchorage, Alaska; Fred Clark, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Elizabeth Puls of Boulder, Colorado.

   Thank you all for your interesting additions to our description. And thank you for venturing a guess. You have all won a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector.

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