What Is It? February 2023

 Now we’re cookin’! We had several correct guesses for our February What Is It. We think many people have fond memories of Princess Grace of Monaco.
 Bill Evans of Elizabeth, Colorado, tells us “The February What Is It is a 3 franc Air Post stamp issued in 1966 by Monaco to commemorate the birth of Princess Stephanie of Monaco on February 1, 1965 to Prince Ranier III and Princess Grace of Monaco.
 Terry Cook of Fort Morgan, Colorado adds  “Precisely: Monaco C67, MNH Michel 825 Princess Grace, Albert A. Louis, Stephanie and Caroliine, 1966.” She adds, “It sells for $1.70 on ebay.”
 Loene McIntyre of Fort Collins, Colorado writes, “This was easy as my husband is a philatelist. It is a 1966 airmail stamp from Monaco, catalog value (mint, unhinged) is $2.00. The picture is a of actress Grace Kelly and her children. She married the Prince if Monaco, Prince Ranier.”
  Carolyn Kundel of Roland, Iowa adds, “Maybe it was to honor Princess Grace on their Mother’s Day or Valentine’s day or 10th wedding anniversary.“
 Other correct answers came from Nancy Alcorn Briggs, Denver, Colorado; and Dottie Unruh of Lakewood, Colorado.

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