What Is It? December 2022

 We had four correct guesses for our December What Is It.
 First, Terry Cook of Fort Morgan, Colorado, tells us that “…it is a tube of classic (Color 1941) Victory Red lipstick produced by Elizabeth Arden following the US entry into WWII. Elizabeth Arden was asked to create a makeup kit for the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve. This was designed to help the morale of soldiers and women alike, “Beauty as Duty.”
 Also, in the US as factories ramped up production of armaments many middle and upper class American women entered the workplace for the first time. In an effort to retain their femininity and keep their morale up women painted on shades of lipstick like Victory Red and Fighting Red produced by US cosmetic companies.
 Rosie the Riveter wore a full face of make up. I wish we could still buy it. Love the packaging.”
 Then, Marjorie McLaren of Anchorage, Alaska added this, “December’s What Is It? appears to be a tube of Elizabeth Arden cosmetics’ 1941 Victory Red Lipstick.  Elizabeth Arden made this shade to match the one issued to military women during World War II (also created by Elizabeth Arden).  The red color matched the red in the uniforms and allowed civilian women to support the war effort and honor their country.  Red lipstick during the 1940’s was considered inspiring and represented strength of purpose.  It is still beautiful, strong and inspiring today!
 Wishing you and all those at Mountain States Collectors a most wonderful holiday season!”
 We also had information that part of the reason this color red was worn by women at this time was that Hitler hated red lipstick on women and so in rebellion to his desires, women everywhere defiantly wore the color red.
 Two more readers guessed correctly: Jerome McLaren of Conifer, Colorado and Dottie Unruh of Lakewood, Colorado.
 Thank you to everyone who ventured a guess. You will receive a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector.

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