What Is It? December 2015


We had several correct guesses for our December’s What Is It.  Carolyn Kundel, Roland, Iowa; Fred Clark, Jr., Colorado Springs, Colorado; Nancy Richards, Littleton, Colorado; Jeannie Reynolds, Nederland, Colorado and Suzanne Capra, Wheat Ridge, Colorado all correctly identified the object pictured as a fluting machine. Congratulations! You have all won a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector.

The American Machine Co. fluter of the 1880s literally cranked out ruffles between the teeth of its corrugated rollers. Shown here with heater slugs (left) that fitted into the rollers and the tools for inserting and removing them, the 8-inch-wide machine clamped to a table or counter top for use. Machines like this one in good condition are relatively rare and therefore are prized additions to any collection.

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