What Is It? August 2023

 We had several correct answers to our August’s What Is It. The objects, pictured above, are needlecases. These are all late-19th Century needlecases. They include: a wooden carved fish, fluted silver; wood topped with silver, carved ivory; Irish milk glass with English oak leaves and acorns; and a chased silver case that stores needles in compartments graded according to size.
 Carolyn Kundel of Roland, Iowa correctly identified these as decorative   needle holders. She points out, “Years ago people mended and saved nice clothing. A good sewing box would have these decorated needle holders.” Leone McIntyre of Fort Colins, Colorado also identified these as needlecases. She says, “These are antique needlecases, mostly from the 1800s. American, English, French and possibly German. Made of silver, glass, bone, and wood. All Beautiful!” Jerome McLaren of Conifer, Colorado also correctly identified the What Is It as antique needle holder. Thank you all for your guesses. You are the best!

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