Voting: A Sacred Right & Responsibility

 Our sacred right to vote was given to all Americans by the founding fathers of this democracy. It was laid out clearly in our Constitution and yet it is the only constitutional right that we have to register for. We don’t have to register for our right of free speech and we don’t have to register to exercise the right of free assembly. However, voting for many people is more difficult than it should be due to intentional voter suppression and obstruction. It isn’t right.
 “Elections belong to the people,”Abraham Lincoln said. All the people. The most important office each of us hold is that of private citizens and our most important obligation is to vote. Voting is a sacred right and responsibility. If we don’t vote, we are ignoring history and giving away the future. Voting is a commitment to ourselves, each other, our country and our world.
 Our main article in this issue of the Mountain States Collector is about the most important day in our democracy, Election Day. It is the day we make our voices heard. We hope you enjoy the article and it gives you insights into voting in America and appreciation for our democracy.
 —Jon DeStefano

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