Veterans Day Honors the Sacrifice of Many

By Rachel Hoffman
   Freedom comes at a high price when men and women have to risk and sacrifice their lives for the nation we have built and way of life we have come to enjoy. The men and women who have served our country in times of war and peace are some of our nation’s best citizens. We justly honor them on Veterans Day.
   Americans show their appreciation for the men and women in the Armed Forces in many ways. When we erect a monument, lower a flag to half-mast, set a wreath, attend a function, and gather at a VFW hall on this day to hear speeches, we show respect to the nation’s peacekeepers, and we acknowledge virtues to be passed on for generations. Our silent meditation and prayers for the fallen are heartfelt. The brave deeds of soldiers stir the imagination of our youths.
   Our veterans are the backbone of the nation. We Americans hope to avoid war, and when we send our forces off to war we long for their safe return. Veterans deserve the benefits we authorize Congress to give them. Our veterans have earned their pensions. We support hospitals to care for the wounded and sick. We care for the widows and children of veterans. We generously help veterans receive grants for continuing education and vocational training. We will never forget those who serve in the Armed Forces. Let us observe Veterans Day with devotion in any and every way we can.
   The wellbeing and happiness of our veterans are on the minds of parents and spouses, family and friends, and every freedom-loving individual. We gladly read about our armed forces in books, see them in action on film, and picture them on postage stamps.
   Veterans of the United States, we proudly salute you on this Veterans Day and always!

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