Train Collection Auctions – Thousands of Items – Gigantic Railroad Auction Oct. 28, Nov. 4 at Family Estate Auctions in Lakewood

trains3   Family Estate Auctions is hosting a GIGANTIC Railroad Auction on October 28 and November 4 featuring a gigantic railroad estate assembled from a single collector. The estate has thousands of unique and original items including:
   Lanterns, Lamps, Signs, Badges, Tin Ware, Signals, Switches, Oil cans, Tools, Containers, Books, Magazines, Epherma, Ledgers, Original Documents, Railroad China, Locks and Keys, Rail Road Spike, Spike Pullers, Crossing gates and signs, Vintage Model Trains, Lionel, HO, Marx, Locomotives, Utility Cars, etc., Brass Railroad Sculptures, Schedules, Original Photographs, Maps, Matches, Vintage Railroad Toys, Teletype Originals, Caboose Heaters and Items, Real Railroad Uniforms, Shirts, Hats, and much, much more.
   The railroad era has produced some of the most fascinating collectibles still available to antique collectors and investors. This estate has an extensive amount of all kinds of railroad lighting used in railroad service for relaying signals and inspecting trains at night. The two major categories are lamps and lanterns.
   The lamps were used on the back of cabooses to indicate the rear of a train. Lamps were also used for signaling numerous information like how a switch or turnout was lined. Some lamps were hung on locomotives to indicate the classification of a train.They could have a single lens or multiple lenses. Lanterns were used by railroad crew members and conductors as well as for inspections in terminals and yards. Any lantern or globe that carries railroad markings are especially valued. The rarer the marking the more value.
trains2   This auction also contains numerous railroad badges of different styles and types. The badges indicate the jobs the railroad crew members have and also designate authority.
   No railroad auction would be complete without beautiful railroad signs and this auction features many of them from crossing signs, switch signs, signaling signs,all kinds of great line signs, Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, Rio Grande, Santa Fe, Missouri Pacific, etc.
   The auction also features over a hundred of uniform memorabilia including unique railroad uniforms, collector’s railroad hats and railroad shirts.
   Railroad paper is huge among collectors trying to capture a piece of railroad history and this collection has an immense amount of railroad books and magazines as well as authentic, schedules, maps to advertise routes, and timetables.
   They also have documents and rare railroad Epherma.
   This collection of specialized railroad tools is exceptional and immense. You can even find unique railroad spikes, real railroad switches, hundreds of tinware items including long railroad oil cans and many unique containers.
trains1   A major part of railroad travel was dining. In order to attract people to longer trips they focused on making dining cars like fine restaurants that meant good food and great railroad china. As a consequence railroad China and glassware, as you can imagine, are great railroad collectibles. The auction features hard to find dining collectibles.
   This auction is completed with vintage railroad toys including of course vintage model trains, Lionel, HO, and Marx., great locomotives and other wonderful authentic railroad artifacts from a history long gone.
   If you love the romance and the glory of “the Great Age of Railroads” don’t miss this gigantic railroad auction October 28 and November 4 at Family Estate Auctions, 8032 W. Jewell Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80323. Call 303-953-2087 or 720-628-3380 or check out their website for more information,

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