Summer Is Here!

By Paula Svincek
   The first day of summer is here, with the Fourth of July rapidly approaching. Florence’s Wet and Dry Parade on Independence Day is always a hit with young and old alike. Everyone is looking forward to the festivities during the three-day holiday event in Pioneer Park, as well as an opportunity to stroll the streets of Florence to see what goodies there are to be had.
   Oil City Merchant Antiques has some wonderful vintage signage, a variety of period furniture, and a magnificent example of a Brunswick Balke Collender Company Back Bar. If entertainment is what you are in search of, you can find a gorgeous card table at Florence Consignment Corner. By day it’s a lovely dining table, remove the formal top and voila, instant card party. Heartland Antiques not only offers lovely furniture, some of the finest jewelry in town can be found on display. The Mezzanine is well known in the area for their variety, primitive to fine porcelain pieces are available. Their collection of antique graniteware is quite impressive.

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