Northglenn’s Old Wagon Antique Mall’s Fresh Start

By Jon DeStefano
   Harold “Hal” Reed, the new owner of Old Wagon Antique Mall has upgraded the well-thought-of Antique Mall at 10685 Melody Drive in Northglenn. It still has 8,000 square feet and 80 plus booths of antiques and collectibles for a variety of interests but it looks and feels different. When you walk in you will still find a giant Elvis greeting you but the place feels more open and inviting. The biggest change is the number of quality antique dealers and the quantity and variety of fine antiques and furniture. You will find in the shop great furniture over 100 years old and even a 200 year old clock.
   When Hal decided to buy the shop just a few months ago he had a good idea of what he wanted to do with the place, after all he had a lot of experience in the antique business. He started at the Collectors’ Corner in the same shopping area where he was for six years. After that he had been in Brass Armadillo and numerous antique malls throughout the Denver area and finally settled at Old Wagon Antique Mall where he had been for over a decade before he decided to buy the mall.
   Some people are a little negative about the antique industry today, but not Hal. “I think antiques are coming back strong. Young people are finding out newer furniture is just not the quality of fine antique furniture. It just doesn’t last,” he said. “You can get quality antiques for a lot less.”
   The mall has changed since Hal bought the mall. “We have brought in new vendors specializing in quality antiques. Our inventory of high grade antiques and collectibles has increased dramatically and we even have a very strong waiting list for space.”
   Hal said his helpers, Bill, Kelly and Bob deserve a lot of the credit for helping to transform the store and improving the general presentation of the place. Next time you’re in the Northglenn area stop by Old Wagon Antique Mall, you’ll be as impressed as we are. It’s a great mall. Booths go from $65 to $200 plus 10% and they have a waiting list. You can call Hal at 303-280-8114 for more information.

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