Homestead Antique Mall Turns Five

homestead   On February 1st, 2013 Andy and his wife Leanne followed their dreams and opened Homestead Antiques.
   After many years of selling antiques out of their garage and various antique malls they made the leap to open their own mall. It has been an amazing and successful five years.
   Through the years, Andy & Leanne have met and worked with some of the greatest antique dealers the Denver area has to offer. They knew that when the decision came to open Homestead they could fill the 12,000 square foot mall with exceptional dealers. Once the store opened they realized that they didn’t just open a storefront, they gained a whole new family.
   When you ask Andy or Leanne they attribute their success to over 70 of the best dealers in town that all pitch in. It is like we are one big family. Please come celebrate our anniversary. Our antique family would like to thank you for your support.
   Let’s make our next 5 years as exciting!

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