Hoarder’s Estate Adds Thousands of Items to Jenny’s Junk Emporium’s Inventory

IMG_3767By Jon DeStefano
Jenny’s Junk is in their eight year and they are going stronger than ever and they always have very special items to offer collectors, treasures some few of us seldom see except perhaps in a museum. They have recently added to their goods, a hoarder’s estate, thousands and thousands of items most of which  are still is their original boxes and cases.


Owner  Bill Andrus explains, “There are over 400 trains of various gages, die cast trucks and cars, antique radios, portable zeniths from the ’30s and ’40s, solid state, tube and table radios as well as planes, brand new electric razors, thousands of movies and many, many unique items. Over 40,000 in all just from this one gentleman’s estate. It will take us two years to inventory. We are introducing a little at a time in the store.”


Bill Andrus the colorful owner explained, “We have expanded substantially since a year ago because of the amount of elderly going into assisted living and retirement homes. They have to dispose of their treasures and a lot of that comes into the Jenny’s Junk Emporium.”


IMG_3765Bill and Jenny make it easy for them. They accept the items on consignment and disperse checks monthly to these people. They only accept items in fairly pristine or mint condition. “We are very selective,” says Bill, “I don’t have time to restore and we are known for the quality of the goods we offer.”


They also make it easy on customers with their very simple layaway plan. They research every item to make sure they are not overpriced and so that they move quickly and are not just taking up space. Items range in their store from 99 cents to $4000 or $5000.


The name Jenny’s Junk Emporium implies junk but when customers walk in they get the surprise of their life it. It is a treasure shop and they are overwhelmed with what is there, by it’s beauty and condition.


IMG_3769Bill decided to put the word “Junk” in his store’s name because that is what his own father thought of antiques and collectibles. “All my life, my Dad called my stuff ‘junk.’” Needless to say, Bill knows how to have fun with his livelihood. I would suspect his father would be proud of his son if he could witness Bill’s success. The name of the business is so revealing. Jenny is his wife’s name and Bill knows that he would like to pass the business on to her when the time comes. Naming the store Jenny’s Junk Emporium covers everything.


 Jenny’s Junk Emporium is a great place to visit. First, it is easy to find. It is at 6625 W. Mississippi Avenue in Lakewood. It is in the old Curve Market (from 1934 until 1957) that was originally on Morrison Road but then they changed the name of the Road to Mississippi.  The old store was the local grocery and meat market. Bill bought the building in 2008. Once again, he loves the history of the place. One story that amazes him is when the snowplow truck accidentally drove through the front of the building in 1982.


Bill’s store specializes in mechanical objects. Stationary steam engines (to run lathes, pumps, generators), sewing machines (“Isaac Singer made the most precision perfect machine in the world. He was a great promoter, too,” Bill shares.), typewriters, adding machines, small electronic motors are all there in abundance. Also there, are all other types of collectibles. He also has a thrift shop in the store and carries second hand items, everything but clothes though he does carry uniforms.


           Some of the more unique inventory includes children’s sewing machines. These were made for children and they actually functioned but because they were so portable, mothers would often take them with them on trips to repair any damage to clothes along the way. For Christmas gifts, there are toys, dolls, pedal cars, tractors, bikes, and hot wheels for kids. There are housewares, books, glassware, and crocks.


         Bill has so much inventory that he could fill the store three times over with his life long collection that is waiting in storage. He spent a lifetime accumulating everything. “I really don’t especially want to part with things.” But Bill likes people and wants to see his merchandise appreciated. He never thought it was junk. And he knows people who shop in his store share his opinion.


Everyday is new for Bill because he loves the people. “I meet so many intelligent people and they know so much more than I do because they specialize in what they collect. I learn something new everyday that I did not know the day before. I love that about this business. “People love to talk about their collections and many of them have pictures of them on their phone.”


Bill understands millennials “shop a little differently when we get them in the store. They check the price on the Internet and are surprised that our prices are right on target or even better and they also are impressed by the quality of what we offer.”


“A lot of our business comes from The Mountain States Collector, it’s at all the stores and shows, we also use Facebook and Yelp, and of course we get a lot of repeat business. We have a lot of regular customers who visit us weekly or monthly. Nearly all of them stop by during the holidays to do their Christmas shopping,” he concludes.


        Why not stop by Jenny’s Junk Emporium and experience the same fun we have every time we visit this amazing couple. Give Bill or Jenny a call at 303-570-1590 to ask ahead about any object you may be searching for. There is a good chance they have it. If you would like to layaway, that is available and if you would like to put things on consignment, Bill will be glad to consider what you have.

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