Great American Yard Sale

The World’s Longest Yard Sale — Great Fun!

By Dave & Kathryn Hoffman
   We love Road Trips, but, boy were we excited to go back to the World’s Longest Yard Sale. The Yard Sale is on Highway 127 and runs from Alabama to Michigan -690 glorious miles! The yard sale is 4 days long Wednesday through Sunday. It also happens to be in August and it can get really hot out there – you must come prepared – lots of water, sunscreen and bug spray! We did not let these obstacles get in our way.
   We spent 2 days traveling through Tennessee – from the southern border all the way to the northern border. The South has a lot of collectible items that you would not see in our home state of Colorado.
   As you would imagine, you are driving along Highway 127 and start to see small yard sales here and there. Then much to our surprise out-of-nowhere we came across pastures and fields that were set up like full-on flea markets with many vendors displaying their wares.
   We learned from a previous trip it is not so easy to pull a trailer along as parking can be at a minimum – instead we chose to take an SUV and a truck this time!
   We were lucky to travel with our daughter and 2 grandkids. Grandpa Dave is teaching Ely and Hunter how to be good pickers. They both had money of their own to purchase some items they loved. Vendors were so kind, Ely and Hunter ended up with a few gifts along the way. Needless to say as all grandparents can relate we used the words “Don’t touch” – many times!
   Some of our favorite items that we picked along the route this year were Old Coins, Arrowheads, Rocks & Crystals and lots of farm antiques.
   The scenery was beautiful, lots of farmland and pastures, great southern dialects and kind folks.
   Anyone that loves to pick would have a wonderful time at the Worlds Longest Yard Sale. Whether you drive or fly – spend a few days picking and few days exploring America’s Heartland.
   We will definitely be planning another trip to the World’s Longest Yard Sale.

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