Dealer Feature – Florence Newest Shop ‘Treasures’

   It is often said that when shopping for antiques, you didn’t know what you needed till you saw it. Or maybe, it is like a day-long scavenger hunt. These are both accurate ways to describe my recent visit to Florence’s newest shop, Treasures. There are, of course, antiques, but also much more to tantalize the scavenger. The Bohemian style of the shop incorporates original art (Ari Hope and Sylvia Andrews), woodworking (Josh Jordan and Dean Edwards), photography (Dave Brown), pottery (John Noble), jewelry (Kathy Sweeney), assemblage art (Joen Elliott), furniture, and much more into an eclectic wonderland. It is definitely not your average antique shop.
   Treasures is the bright idea of Joen Elliott. She sites her family hobby of “treasure hunting” with her grandmother as her inspiration for the shop. She and her two partners, Fred Samora, a long-time collector of Native American, mid-century, and old automotive paraphernalia and Larry Nelson, an entrepreneurial purveyor of antiques, Asian antiquities and owner of several shops in Florence, opened Treasures in the middle of June. Not a particularly auspicious time, but with hard work and a super sense of humor, they have created a great new addition to the adventure of shopping in Florence.

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