Collections of Memories

By Paula Svincek
   The opportunity to have been reared under the tutelage of a collector and storyteller is an experience many have not enjoyed or don’t appreciate until memories are jogged by an artifact or a painting. The rich history of our nation is apparent in almost every shop in Florence.
   Clay has been used for thousands of years, still the craftsmanship lives on. Examples of this ancient collectible artform can be found at the Blue Spruce Arts and Antiques Gallery. Local artists also share stories with paint on canvas. Jim Redhawk reminds us of bygone years when buffalo roamed the area and the Native American contributed to our country.
   Soul Stones and Earth Art and Lapidary at 119 ½ W. Main as well as Rustique Antiques and the Crystal Emporium, both on East Main, share some of the treasures that the earth offers. Memories of splitting a geode to see the crystal wonders inside emerge or the thrill of finding a fossilized sea creature on the top of a mountain can all be realized while shopping in Florence.

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