Brass Armadillo Mall Celebrates 22 Years

   To celebrate their 22nd Anniversary, Brass Armadillo will be having an Anniversary Sale March 12, 13, and 14—15% off of everything in the Mall. (The “Antique Army” gets an additional $5 off every purchase over $20.) Then on March 27th, they will have a Case Sale, which will be 25% off of anything in a locked case. These sales promise to be very well attended. Certainly you will find that special something you’ve been looking for.    In our effort to learn more about this outstanding mall, we talked to David Simonsen, the General Manager of the Brass Armadillo Mall. After 22 years, this Mall is an institution. We were curious how this happened and how they run this delightful mall.
   Dave credits it to the philosophy of their SAT program. SAT means Security, Accountability and Traffic. Security includes their systems camera, their tracking program, security tags and the fact that their vendors get paid every two weeks without fail.
   Accountability means that the Brass Armadillo is strictly the landlord or as Dave says, facilitator. Sales employees for both cases and booths cannot be vendors. The staff is professional and trained. Their most recent promotion is to Steve Fivehouse who rose from cashier to supervisor to assistant manager.
   And the last is Traffic. Brass Armadillo guarantees that there will be customer traffic. They have one of the longest ranges of hours available in Colorado. They are open 9-9, 7 days a week. They have an interstate location, which also makes this traffic possible.
   They have interesting programs for their customers. The Antique Army rewards customer loyalty with a credit toward future purchases. So every dollar spent gets 1 point toward new purchases. Brass Armadillo also offers a personal shopper service. You can go on-line and let them know what you are looking for. Then the vendors can respond and tell the customer that they have the object. “It saves time,” Dave explains.    Occupancy at the Mall is almost full. There is some availability in cases. There is a waiting list for both.
   Brass Armadillo keeps their Facebook and U-tube presence active. Their corporate search engine is at optimum in other words “thru the roof.”
   Aesthetically, the Mall has just recently put new flooring in and they have developed their Roxie’s Café and espresso bar. There are new owners, Geno and Brenda Baca. Geno’s mother-in-law Dee is also very much a part of this operation. They have daily specials, fresh every day, handheld sandwiches, wraps, Reuben combos, tuna and chicken, their own green chile and breakfast burritos.
   Because of COVID, the Brass Armadillo has had to put their seminars on hold and their filming on hold.
  David is very proud of his staff and his own experience with the Brass Armadillo corporation (they have malls in Des Moines, Iowa, Kansas City and Omaha, two malls in Arizona, north and west Phoenix and, of course, Denver.) has been very gratifying. There are benefits and profit sharing. The corporation is very generous. The Denver location is the top performing store saleswise of the whole Brass Armadillo network.
   If you haven’t visited the Brass Armadillo, you should. It is a great experience. If you have any questions, give them a call. Their number is 303-403-1677.

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