American History September Anniversaries

Sept. 2
Congress establishes U.S. Treasury (1789)

Sept. 5
First session of Continental Congress convenes (1774)

Sept. 9
Congress renamed the nation “United States of America” (1776)

Sept. 18
Congress establishes U.S. Air Force (1947)

Sept. 28
Battle of Yorktown begins (1781)

More Sept. Anniversary & Celebrations

Sept. 2
V-J Day, 75th Anniversary of Japan signing formal surrender (1945)

Sept. 7
Labor Day

Sept. 11
19th Anniversary of 9/11 attacks Patriot Day

Sept. 13
Grandparents Day

Sept. 17
Constitution Week Begins

Sept. 18
POW/MIA Recognition Day

Sept. 22
Autumnal Equinox

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