A Nip of Fall in the Air

By Sandy Dale


   It’s hard to imagine that the holidays are just around the corner. That is good news to some and dreadful news to others. I personally can’t wait. My holiday season officially starts with Halloween. I’m fond of scaring little children out of their wits with my screaming witch cackle and then giving them a piece of candy. (There may be something a bit perverted about this, but I don’t believe I’m alone in enjoying this.) Florence has hosted a Trick or Treat walk downtown for many years and children come by the busload. I love seeing all the little ones dressed up like anything from Snoopy to the bloodiest of zombies. I don’t understand why we don’t have more “dress-up” holidays. It’s very therapeutic to be someone else for a day.
   Before we know it, Thanksgiving is here. If we were really clever, we have decorated for Halloween with lots of golden leaves and pumpkins and creepy characters. By just removing the creepy characters, we have our Thanksgiving decorations all in place. Maybe we can add a turkey or some pilgrims…
   For years, I have included pine-bough garlands in with the fall leaves, skulls and witches. Come to think of it, I have left the pine-bough garlands in my studio window and on my porch through all the seasons. After all, it is Colorado. Right after Halloween, I switch out the skulls, etc. for some nice fake apples, gourds, etc. Then, when I think it’s time (please, not too early – every holiday deserves its proper observation), I switch out the fall leaves for snowflakes, holly, ivy and such. I guess I’ve also left the little faerie lights in the garlands year round as a reminder that faeries, elves and the like are also with us year round.
   May I be the first to wish you all Happy Holidays. Come enjoy our festive Florence shop windows and find just the vintage decorations or special holiday gifts you need.

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