What Is It? March 2019

   We had three correct answers for our March What Is It. This device with its different blades was used for bloodletting. Loene McIntyre of Fort Collins, Colorado; Judy Hess of Greeley, Colorado; and Jerome McLaren of Conifer, Colorado all correctly identified the objects. As Jerome pointed out, “This looks like an oriental 3 blade bleeder and its holder plus the container. These were used as a medical device for bloodletting which was practiced through the 17 and 1800s.”
   It was thought at one time that letting blood out of the ill person would somehow allow the germs to be released and allow the blood to be cleansed.
   This What Is It pictures a set of fleams. They were used to release blood as a therapeutic measure. This method is also called phlebotome.
   Congratulations to our winners. They have all won a year’s subscription to the Mountain States Collector. Thank you for entering.

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